Telnet to the Device

Unlike many consumer device which would be make highly difficult to be toyed with, most of the RTD1073 Media Player device allow
user to telnet to the box. These opened the door to allow the device to be used and toyed to the most unimaginable way which
are limited to the imagination of the user and the "source" and information release by the maker of the device.

So how can we telnet to the device?
First, you need to get the IP of your device, this can usually be found in the setup page of your device.

Tools you will need
On Windows Platform:
You need the putty (google is your friend will lead you to getting it)

On Linux:
Well, hello…. if you are a linux user you should know that 99% of the linux comes with the telnet

Okay, now you got the software and the IP. You should know how to telnet to the box.
Well then what's the username and password.

On most of the device the username is root, the password is none(thanks to the device maker!!)

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