Welcome to RTD1073

Welcome to RTD1073.

This site is related to information regarding tweaking, hacking and improving devices based on the RTD1073 chipset from RealTek.


RTD1073 is a device chipset for HD Media Player, it contains a MIPS CPU and hardware decoding processor for audio and video.

A HD Media Player is usually used for playing media files such as AVI, MKV, MPG extracted from DVD, VCD, Bluray or downloaded from the Internet.

Before these players are available, downloaded media files must be burn to a CD/DVD before one can play it on the home TV or LCD TV, otherwise it is usually just played on PC with a small LCD.

With the incubation of these media player devices, we can now play downloaded media or extracted media which are stored in a USB stick, USB harddisk or LAN Samba directories.

Some RTD1073 media player devices can also allow the user to download files from the Bittorrent network with a Bittorrent client installed on the device.

This wiki site is delicated to distribute information regarding Media Player/Multimedia Drive Device in a hope to attract more hobbist developers to improve them. Since most device makers are in the hurry to develop software on these device, they fail to make the device complete and these leave a lot of room for development or as a development toy for hobbist hackers.

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